Hyde Park, London

Hyde Park

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A stones throw from Corrigan’s Mayfair, find - in our opinion - London’s finest park! The fourth largest park, at 140 hectares, Hyde Park was established by Henry VIII to serve as his personal hunting grounds, and then opened to the public in 1637. 
Immediately popular, Hyde Park continues to be the most famous, and likely most popular of London’s Royal Parks, with many events, performances and attractions happening here throughout the year. Take a stroll around to work up a hunger before a visit to Corrigan’s Mayfair!

London's most famous park

Nestled in the heart of Westminster, Hyde Park stands as one of London's premier Royal Parks, creating an unbroken connection from Kensington Palace to St James’s Park. This expansive green oasis is centrally located, bordered by Bayswater Road to the north, Park Lane, and the upscale district of Mayfair to the east, while Knightsbridge and Belgravia flank its southern boundaries.

Discover the allure of Hyde Park, strategically positioned to captivate visitors from top London destinations. Tour the beauty of the Serpentine, boasting the distinction of hosting Britain's oldest swimming club. Along its shores, enjoy waterside cafes, scenic lakeside paths, and panoramic views of central London. The park is teeming with diverse wildlife, from charming parakeets to elusive bats, waterfowl to industrious woodpeckers—Hyde Park is a veritable urban safari.

For botanical enthusiasts, explore the enchanting meadows and pathways in the park's northern expanse or immerse yourself in the iconic Rose Garden, a sensory delight. The garden's design harmoniously blends floral, rose, and herbaceous plantings, creating a vibrant seasonal tapestry. The allure of the seasonal bedding, especially during the summer months, draws in hordes of tourists. The optimal time to witness the resplendent roses is in early summer, although their blooming spectacle extends until the first frosts. With biannual replanting of flower beds in spring and summer, Hyde Park ensures a continual feast for the eyes, providing an ever-changing landscape for visitors to marvel at throughout the year. Explore Hyde Park's beauty at any time, and immerse yourself in the natural wonders within this London gem.

Rich in history

Hyde Park, steeped in history dating back to the Middle Ages, originated as the monks' domain from Westminster Abbey. King Henry VIII claimed the land in 1536, envisioning a royal hunting ground near Whitehall Palace. James I granted limited public access in the early 17th century, and by 1637, Charles I made it permanently open to the public. During the Great Plague in 1665, Londoners sought refuge in the park.

Monarchs shaped its landscape, with William III creating the iconic Rotten Row for secure riding, still used by the Household Cavalry. Queen Caroline's renovations included the iconic 'Serpentine' lake, which continues to be a historic swimming venue, including for the London 2012 Olympics triathlon events.

Hyde Park, a historic public space, witnessed duels, protests, and concerts. In 1851, the Great Exhibition took place, showcasing the Crystal Palace. Today, the park remains a hub for dissent, with Speakers' Corner in the northeast hosting Sunday orators on various topics amid the deckchairs and football games. Explore Hyde Park's rich history and diverse events, connecting London's past and present.

Plenty to do and see

Welcome to Hyde Park, the largest Royal Park in central London, offering ample space for every interest and activity. Whether you're into high-energy rock concerts, leisurely rides down Rotten Row, shopping at The Royal Parks' premier store, or simply unwinding in a deck chair, Hyde Park has it all.

Explore the park's rich history, adorned with historical monuments and memorials. Delve into the roots of Speakers' Corner, where influential figures like Karl Marx and Emmeline Pankhurst ignited passions and shaped London's history. Take a virtual journey back to the Great Exhibition of 1851, attended by a third of Britain's population.

Hyde Park is a year-round mini adventure for all ages. Engage in pond dipping, mini beast hunting, or enjoy ice creams and pedalos. The park serves as a playground for adventurous minds, hosting Discovery Days at The LookOut Discovery Centre for children to discover the natural world. From boat rides on Serpentine Lake to tennis matches or lazy picnics on the grass, Hyde Park offers endless possibilities.

Don't miss out on major events in the park, where Hyde Park becomes the stage for world-famous bands at BST and the iconic Winter Wonderland. Join tens of thousands of Londoners and visitors for unforgettable live events in this iconic location. Whether you're a local or a first-time visitor, Hyde Park promises a vibrant blend of history, nature, and entertainment in the heart of London, near the upscale district of Mayfair.

Restaurants near Hyde Park

Come rain or shine, throughout the year a trip to Hyde Park can be complemented with a trip to Corrigan’s Mayfair. Located conveniently, minutes away, you can head to Corrigan’s for a tipple before a gig, or after you’ve built up an appetite post stroll. In summer, cool off with our air conditioning and refreshingly crisp Champagne, or in winter head to Dickie’s Bar for a warming and comforting mulled wine. 

Come Christmas - discover Corrigan’s transformed into its very own Winter Wonderland, and dine on festive dishes, including a Salt Aged Beef Wellington with Winter Truffle, Roast Brussels Sprouts, Chestnut, Bacon and more.