Interior of Dickies bar


Simple, Seasonal, Sumptous. Head to Chef Corrigan's personal hangout for the ultimate tipple. Our bar is open all day, no reservation required.

Discover Mayfair's best kept secret, Dickie's Bar is located just past the entrance of Corrigan's Mayfair.

Richard Corrigan's personal hangout, Dickie's Bar is the perfect location to get lost in our drinks list, hidden away from the hustle and bustle of London. Whether bringing someone to impress or not wanting to be seen, Dickie's Bar provides all that you need. 

Discover our selection of rare Irish Whiskeys from Chef Corrigan's collection, a decadent selection of digestifs, carefully crafted cocktails and perfectly poured Guinness, just as Dickie would want. 

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Eggs and a scotch egg in a saucepan

Snack On

Explore our Dickie's Bar bites menu, which incorporates the best of Corrigan's menu with little twists and turns. The perfect accompaniment to any tipple or two.

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Sofas and seating in Dickies bar

Dickie's List of Libations

Peruse our bar menu, filled to the brim with our favourite combinations, concoctions and crafts.

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