2kg Bramley Apples
1.2kg Pink Lady Apples
50g Cornflour

Souffle Base
300g Souffle Base
90g Caster Sugar
1g Hyfoamer
180g Egg White

  1. First start by making the apple puree. Peel and core all the apples and roughly chop.
  2. Cook these in a wide bottom pan with a little sugar.
  3. Allow to cook down to a puree, blitz the puree and pass through the chinois. Weigh the puree, for every 1kg of puree weigh out 50g of cornflour.
  4. Return the apple puree to a pan. Add a little water to the cornflour to make a paste. Add the paste to the apple and cook on a low heat stirring continuously. When it has thickened up allow to cool. This is the base for your soufflé.
  5. Prepare your moulds with butter and crumble. Whisk the egg whites until firm and add the sugar along with the hyfoamer.
  6. Gently fold through the soufflé base. Half fill the soufflé mould and add some apple jam in the middle.
  7. Fill the moulds to the top and smooth the surface. Using the finger clean the top of the mould. Sprinkle a little crumble mix in the centre of the mould. 8. Bake at 180°C for 9 minutes and finish with icing sugar