Dessert wine being poured into a wine glass on a laid table with dessert

The Greatest Rosé in the World

Domaine Tempier at Corrigan’s Mayfair

‘In Bandol, no other winery rivals the influence of Domaine Tempier in defining the identity of the appellation.’ – Wine Spectator

True legends in the wine making game, we are delighted to bring the best of Bandol to Corrigan’s Mayfair. Domaine Tempier has stood as a preeminent domaine of Provence for decades, started by Lucie Tempier and her husband Lucien Peyraud in 1940. Its wines have put the small appellation of Bandol on the fine wine map. 

Join us on Wednesday 15th February for a Wine Dinner Event for the ages, where our kitchen team craft dishes to highlight the flavour profiles of Bandol and Domaine Tempier, through inspiration of seasonal ingredients and studying the local area. Journey through five courses of exquisite wines with food to match, starting off with the wine that renowned wine taster Robert Parker called the ‘greatest rosé in the world’.

The Bandol Tempier Rosé offers a unique blend of complexity and freshness. It has a fine structure, with no tannin. The high-quality care given to the vines and the diversity of the terroirs produce a flavorful intensity and a strong typicity. Made with a direct press method from 1st choice grapes of Mourvedre, Cinsault and Grenache from their organic vineyards, the resulting wine is is fragrant, delicate, elegant with just enough richness to make it immensely satisfying when young. It ages unlike any other Rosé we’ve seen, and is a genuine contender for the world’s best. 

We are delighted to be pouring this special wine to open our Domaine Tempier Wine Dinner event, and hope to see you there.