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Corrigan's Tea

Corrigan’s Mayfair Bespoke Tea

Corrigan’s Mayfair Gold Blend

We are delighted to introduce our new bespoke range of teas created exclusively with Camellia’s Tea House. We have created four custom teas to suit different moods and times of the day, from our strong Irish Virginia Breakfast Blend to kick start the day, to refreshing teas like our Bentley’s Racing Green tea for that afternoon pick up.

Corrigan’s own signature blend is a white tea to celebrate the finesse and style of the restaurant. Crafted using only pesticide-free and natural ingredients from specialist tea gardens and growers, it is a celebration of fruit and flowers making it the perfect finish to a luxurious fine dining experience. It is the ideal accompaniment for refined dishes such as game and meat.

This is a truly delightful fusion tea, which merges the lightness of white tea with apricot, mango and apple pieces, alongside mint, marigold flowers, mullein flowers and yellow rose buds. The combination of the sweetness of apricot and mango, with the freshness of apple and cleansing mint, together with floral hints of marigold, mullein and rose, creates a wonderfully fragrant and deliciously revitalising golden coloured tea.

Ingredients and health benefits:

Pai Mu Tan (white tea) is known to contain the highest amount of antioxidants in comparison to all other teas. It is believed to benefit cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even may slow down the ageing process.

Dried mango, apricot and apple are a rich source of natural sugars, fibre and vitamins A and C, they are also thought to aid digestion.

Mullein, marigold and yellow rose buds are good as a skin tonic and thought to help mild skin disorders such as skin infections, burns, wounds, sun burns etc.

Mint which has calmative properties and is known for its cleansing and digestive effect.

The entire set is now available to drink in Corrigan’s Mayfair, Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill & Virginia Park Lodge.

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