The Glorious Twelfth

The Glorious Twelfth

Glorious twelfth is an auspicious date in Corrigan’s Mayfair calendar, as the home of game it is when we come to our own and showcase what we do best. The opening of game season Chef Corrigan and Chef Barrin’s create finger licking delights to showcase the best of wild and game produce with award winning dishes such as our game pie for two, Tatler best dish of the year 2015. Amazing skill and craftsmanship goes in to creating such dramatic dishes that seem so simple and taste so complex. Chef Richard Corrigan has always been synonymous with all things wild and game. Corrigan’s Mayfair showcase his passion for nose to tail, seasonable and responsible eating from the land and sea.

Richard Corrigan’s passion for this seasonal delight means both new inspired dishes and old English classics are making their way on to the Corrigan’s Mayfair menu from the twelfth of August onwards. For many, serious eating begins in September and if you’ve never eaten game now is the time to try. Young birds offer deliciously light and healthy eating of the best kind.

Corrigan’s Mayfair’s famous Grouse pie for two, has been on the menu since it opened in 2008, a seasonal treat. But things don’t stop there. From Roasted saddle of rabbit and Pheasant to Roasted Yorkshire grouse, Loin of Dartmoor venison and the ever-delicious joys of Spatchcock pigeon we truly celebrate one of Britain’s justly great foods. These dishes work particularly well with a Côte Du Rhône which is fruity but not too heavy, offsetting the game flavour well.

Game Pie (Copy)

Game terrine (Copy)

Grouse (3) (Copy)


To celebrate the season, Corrigan’s is introducing the below dishes from the 12th August onwards;

Starters include:

Wood Pigeon, Pickled Muscat Grapes, Black Truffle

Pheasant boudin, cep, Jerusalem artichoke

Venison faggots, Lincolnshire Poacher farinette

Hearty mains such as:

Roasted Yorkshire grouse, parsnip, bread sauce

Spatchcock pigeon, soy, chilli, prawn (a Signature Dish)

Corrigan’s Mayfair’s famous Grouse pie for 2 people

Loin of Dartmoor venison, red cabbage & blueberry

Roasted saddle of rabbit, lentils, smoked bacon

Game pie * Winner of Best Dish at Tatler Restaurant Award’s 2015


Richard’s favoured shooting area is Yorkshire and the restaurant has long establish links with several of the estates there who will supply the restaurant over the coming months.


All of our game is responsibly sourced.


View more about our suppliers here

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